From a $10,000 Investment To a $750,000 House Painting Business – Here’s What One Entrepreneur Did To Separate Themselves From The Competition

For those unaware, there is a thriving entrepreneurial community on r/entrepreneur (“r/” is used to indicate a community group on Reddit, and is typically referred to as a “subreddit”). They discuss all things related to entrepreneurship, and come from a wide variety of industries, backgrounds, and ages. One member of their community, u/Byobcoach, recently posted their entrepreneurial story, and agreed to let me share it! I have added in a few headings with their story and pasted it below. Enjoy!


House painting! Everyone needs it. So few do it, and if they do…in most cases (they’re not operating efficiently)

Actually, a majority of House painting companies are 1 or 2 people painting houses…doing everything…


Keeping track of numbers

Following up

The actual painting

Doing touchups

Answering the phone…

Etc etc…

Is there anything wrong with this? Of course not. Nothing wrong with people going out there and making a living. Actually, some of the BEST painters I’ve seen come from this 1 and 2 man operation.

Here’s the problem…

They’re afraid to delegate. They are so used to being hands on that they can’t see themselves taking on a CEO type role.

What’s that do?

It limits their capabilities.

What I did differently:

I’ve never been a professional painter, actually, the only painting I ever did was one summer with my Dad. That’s the only exposure I’ve had.

But, due to a passion to help my dad get back on his feet, and my fire for entrepreneurship…I ventured in just two years ago.

First, I quit my bank job and took the leap.

Then, I rapidly gained exposure by using paid lead resources like HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, and Thumbtack. The more jobs I booked, the more confident I was to bring on another person.

and another…

and another…

Eventually I began delegating roles and responsibilities.

We were repeating the same process over and over… My job as the owner was to do my best to make it as easy as possible for my painters to complete.

Since then (I’m in my 3rd year) I’ve grown my company to a $60,000+ per month painting company. We have 10 employees and average 4-5 houses per week.

My daily responsibilities:

Check in with project managers

Do estimates (occasionally)

Follow up with CRM software

Follow up with customers

That’s it.

No office, no company vehicles…just a system, that works.

Some houses we paint in a day, others…two or 3 days depending on the size and the specifications.

And to be honest, my theory was simple…

“I’m going to treat house painting like every other business that succeeds out there… someone at the top delegating and calling the shots with a birds eye view”

It’s impossible to do everything from the bottom level…and if you’re operating a business like this, then I strongly suggest you begin delegating and developing systems so you can truly get in the driver seat.

Book recommendation: The E-Myth

I’m sharing this because a leap of faith got me to this point, and thus I want others to see that it’s possible to make money outside of what everyone else is doing. There’s a ton of money to be made in this type of industry, and there’s a ton of people out there willing to do the work for you. You just need to provide a good enough foundation (system) for them to do it in.


Wow! There is certainly a lot to take away from this story. Here are three big takeaways that stand out to me: First, apply logic from other industries to your own! u/Byobcoach saw that other organizations tend to have entrepreneurs who are “at the top delegating and calling the shots with a birds eye view”, and thus figured it was worth trying this in the painting business! This brings us to our second point: do not be afraid to delegate! As discussed a long time ago in the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferris, the key to your own well-being is keeping yourself out of the venture as opposed to keeping yourself in. Third, passion and confidence may be instrumental in finding early success.

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